Sobre nós

Who are we?

My name is Renata Ribeiro Silva Bradeley and my husbands name is Steve Bradeley. I am Brazilian and Steve is English. 

Steve and I live in Sao Paulo Brazil. We are a husband and wife team planning to spend time travelling Europe by camper van and motorcycle.12036805_989282921123205_8490958663770377798_n

We are primarily bikers and love to travel and explore places on our BMW GS motorcycle, but this year we decided, as part of our honeymoon to travel by camper van. Our beloved BMW is called “Greta” she is an 18 year old bike and still in lovely condition. We recently bought our camper van, small as it is, with the view of simply travelling around Europe for six months sightseeing.

Steve is an English Teacher usually working from Sao Paulo, however, most of his students are taught online and so this gave us the perfect opportunity to travel and earn some travel money whilst enjoying our honeymoon. He will give lessons in the evenings and we will travel and enjoy our adventure during the day. Our van is fully equipped with 240 volt AC power and internet.

Meet “Charlotte” our 2005 Citroen camper van. With just enough room for two people keeping us cozy and comfortable during those cool Marc1h and April nights. We bought Charlotte from Ebay whilst living in Sao Paulo. The same way Steve bought Greta a few years ago. Charlotte came fully fitted with 240 volt AC power, a double fold-away bed, a small kitchen equipped with fridge, cooker and small sink. 9All we had to do was buy bedding and cooking and eating utensils. We have a small amount of storage space in two very small cupboards and room for plastic storage boxes under the bed. Steve sits in the front passenger seat and gives his English lessons online using his ipad and laptop plugged into a 12 volt DC / 240 volt AC inverter. We also have a further inverter connected to a 150 watt solar panel fixed to the roof of the van.

So follow us as we travel around Europe enjoying the freedom that for most is only a dream. Our trip starts on the 1st April 2017 and ends when it ends. Below is a list of countries we intend to visit and a loose itinerary and a map of Europe. As well as students in Brazil, Steve has students in Italy and Spain. Part of our plan is to meet his students and spend some time with them as we travel.europe_map

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland,  Republic of Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Monaco and Spain.